Red Dot Design Awards 2019


SilentLab is proud to announce that our MICROOFICE UNIQ and MICROOFFICE CUBIQ office booths have both been selected as 2019 Red Dot Product Design Award winners. 

Throughout the in-depth selection process, the world-renowned designers of the Red Dot jury evaluated more than 5,500 products from companies and designers representing 55 countries. Ultimately, the 2019 Red Dot Design Award was awarded to only 1,549 projects, with ten of them coming from the Czech Republic. Among them stood our unique office booths: MICROOFFICE UNIQ and MICROOFFICE CUBIQ.

“MICROOFFICE is our flagship creation. We’ve poured countless hours into it with the best architects, all sorts of specialists, experts in acoustics, ventilation and design. The Red Dot Design Awards belong to everybody involved with MICROOFFICE and to the entire SilentLab team,” says Jaroslav Vendl, cofounder of SilentLab.

Fellow cofounder Jan Kaňka adds, “We are extremely proud. I consider the Red Dot Award a powerful affirmation that we are going in the right direction. We create unique designs and constantly innovate new solutions—we’re even more motivated to continue upgrading and optimizing our products.”



The masterminds behind the eye-grabbing designs, architects Vojtech Kaas and Jan Kalivoda of PROGRES ATELIER, commented, “The greatest architectural challenge for us was to create an unmistakable iconic shape that connects MICROOFFICE seamlessly with the surrounding space, while filling it with natural daylight. We are delighted that MICROOFFICE has succeeded in captivating the demanding jury of the Red Dot Design Awards.”

The importance of the Red Dot award is best summarized by the founder and CEO of Red Dot, Professor Dr. Peter Zec: “I would like to congratulate the winners sincerely on their amazing success. The fact that their products meet the strict criteria of the jury testifies to the first-class quality of their award-winning design. Winners determine the key trends in design and show where the future directions in the industry can unfold.”



MICROOFFICE is an answer to the basic question of acoustic comfort. Layers of solid wood and acoustic materials, along with sound-insulating glass and a sonically sealed door, make for maximum soundproofing between the interior and exterior spaces. The cutting-edge ventilation system supplies a constant stream of fresh air, enabling users to enjoy distraction-free solitude for hours on end.

Come and experience our award-winning MICROOFFICE UNIQ and MICROOFFICE CUBIQ for yourself. We’ll be showcasing these premier acoustic workstations at Clerkenwell Design Week in London, at Chicago’s Neocon event, or in our showroom in Prague.




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