Did you hear that?

Don’t hear anything? That’s how it should be.

When you just want
to work in peace.

Innovative acoustics for your offices.

No need to take
extreme measures.

Acoustics that works.

Working environments are changing

Just like people’s standards for acoustic comfort in their offices.
What doesn’t change, however, are our exacting standards for the quality of our products and materials.



We have high standards for the quality of our products. And we believe that you do, too.


We take design very seriously. Our products have to do their job and look good in your offices while doing so.


We make atypical components ourselves, allowing us to adapt our products to your space.
Small Table


Our products have been designed with sophisticated ergonomics, meeting all current standards and trends in working environments.

We offer a wide range of colors and materials

Acoustic consulting

Would you like to get the noise in your office under control? We’ll advise you on the best acoustics for your space. We’ll take care of everything else, too: measuring, proposing acoustic measures, producing and assembling acoustic components.

Free Consultation

Noise reduction

All our acoustic solutions are made to measure, so we can soundproof any space. Your offices will be quieter and your employees happier.

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Acoustic measuring

We can measure everything influencing the acoustics in your office. This detailed data helps us propose the best possible acoustic comfort everywhere you need.

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Atypical production

We have two production centers in the Czech Republic. Operating the production facilities ourselves means that we can put together acoustic solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Workshops and training

Would you like to learn more about acoustics? We organize training sessions and practical workshops focused on acoustics and noise reduction.

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