Acoustic Calculator

Is background noise causing problems in the office? Do your employees have trouble concentrating on their work? Poor acoustics play a much more essential role in work productivity than you may realize.

Try our new acoustic calculator to see how much it might be costing you.

Have you ever thought about how much you might be losing each day, year or over the length of your lease because your employees can’t concentrate on their work? Studies have shown that people lose an average of 24 minutes a day due to poor acoustics causing lack of focus. In other words, 5% of the time they spent at work each day. How is your company doing on this metric? Our calculator will tell you how much money you are losing and how much you can save with improved acoustic measure.

Then we can help you put them into place. We offer an Economy version, which involves installing the minimum amount of acoustic products to ensure sufficient noise protection, or Optimal, which goes further to optimize acoustic products and secure the best possible effect. Our team of acoustic specialists will be happy to advise you on the type and number of specific products as well as where to place them.


How much money you are losing because your employees are unable to focus

Daily loss
{{Math.round(daily_lost).toLocaleString('cs-CZ')}} CZK
Yearly loss
{{Math.round(yearly_lost).toLocaleString('cs-CZ')}} CZK
Loss for the given time period
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Investing in the {{returnVariant()}} version costs a total of CZK {{Math.round(invest_value).toLocaleString("cs-CZ")}}.
You will recover your investment in the {{returnVariant()}} version in {{invest_return_in_months.toFixed(2).toLocaleString("cs-CZ")}} {{monthInflection(invest_return_in_months)}}.
With a {{Math.round(office_lifespan_in_years).toLocaleString("cs-CZ")}} {{yearInflection(office_lifespan_in_years)}} the acoustic solution you chose will save you CZK {{Math.round(invest_saved_during_lifespan).toLocaleString("cs-CZ")}} .

The Economy and Optimal acoustic solutions include the installation of the following
products based on your office parameters: