MICROOFFICE® – Productive at first glance

You know what it’s like. You walk into a room and you don’t know why, but it feels like home. Everything just fits together. This happens often in restaurants, art galleries and theaters, but rarely in office spaces. Why is that? Can aesthetics actually improve work efficiency?

Productive work environments have become a hot topic in recent years, yet it is far from a straightforward discipline. Every office is made up of a multitude of components that hit each of us slightly differently. These details mean nothing in themselves; what matters is the impression the space leaves on us as a whole. What’s the best place to start?

Don’t paint the town red. Or…maybe do?

Colors are often make or break in interior design. If you have a clear vision and a good instinct for color combinations, you can do a lot to make your employees happier. If not, however, things can go wrong in a number of different ways. In general: warm colors evoke excitement, while cool colors promote passivity and dark colors calm. Ideally you should not mix more than three colors, and keep in mind that white is always a classic.

Silence is golden

Surveys show that employees prefer small, separate offices to large open space offices, which tend to suffer from poor regulation of overcrowding and noise. That said, ensuring proper acoustics is not particularly difficult. With good acoustics measures in place, a large room actually promotes productivity. The best ideas always come from people talking and working together, not isolated in small spaces. Having a quiet place to work in privacy is equally important, of course, so every office should have space set aside for that.

Shine a light on productivity!

Light is another key factor. Working on a computer is best in a well-lit room with plenty of windows, which also help provide fresh air. But what if there aren’t enough windows? You can install lighting that mimics natural lighting as closely as possible or use cool, fluorescent lights. You can even hang them right over the desks, because the fewer shadows on the workspace, the better.

And there’s more!

Productive work environments are our bread and butter, so we are well aware of how important they are. In fact, that’s what gives our work its edge – we have the knowledge and experience it takes to offer functional solutions. Our passion drives everything we do, at every stage of the production process and with every product we love – including productive work environments.

What does that mean specifically?

At SilentLab we always consider all aspects of productivity, because we know a good product is instantly recognizable. Our MICROOFFICE® units have a variety of upholstery options that are pleasant to the eye and to the touch and offer a wide range of uses. The MICROOFFICE® CUBIQ, for instance, can be configured in several different seating options for up to four occupants. They also absorb sound from the inside and outside. High-quality lighting inside the units ensures that you will remain fresh and alert even during long conversations, and the high-performance ventilation keeps the air fresh for as long as you need it. And even better? We’ve designed MICROOFFICE® to minimize energy use. A built-in sensor turns the ventilation and lighting on only when the unit is actually in use. With every product in our portfolio we aim to create a productive work environment that can be recognized at a glance. See for yourselves!