SilentLab offers a smart solution – QUICK SHIP PROGRAM in Europe

Quick Ship program is the ultimate way to quickly acquire our iconic products, MICROOFFICE® PRIME and MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO I, delivered directly to your office or other predetermined locations anywhere in Europe. With Quick Ship, these selected products are prepared for shipment within one week, ensuring you receive our high-quality and modern solutions just in two weeks from the date of your order.


You can choose from these two following options:

Although we can customize our MICROOFFICE® to your exact specifications and color preferences so that it fits perfectly into a particular space, for the purposes of QuickShip program we have chosen the most preferred option, the popular grey and beige color.


Feel free to seize the opportunity and make use of our Quick Ship solution. Get in touch with us by sending an email to

You can experience our iconic products at our showrooms. Just find the nearest one next to you!

Additionally, you can download our catalog for a comprehensive overview of our offerings.