At SilentLab we take ventilation very seriously. All our MICROOFFICE products have a cutting-edge ventilation system for maximum comfort and functionality. We know from experience that a well-ventilated, quiet office can raise productivity by up to 10%.



We made an excellent ventilation system one of our top priorities and spent several months developing it in close partnership with ventilation experts. The MICROOFFICE ventilation system completely replaces the air in the unit every several minutes, meaning you can easily spend hours at a time working inside without interruption. The benefit of this ventilation system is that it does its work without making any noise, so you can concentrate on doing yours.

This silent exchange of air is made possible by the cleverly designed airflow technology. The ventilator is located in the bottom part of the unit and sends fresh air inside. The air then flows through the wall and acoustic foam up to the ceiling and into the MICROOFFICE. The air circulates inside the unit and then passes through the floor and walls and out the ceiling. The result is zero noise – both inside and outside the MICROOFFICE.  

The ventilation system automatically switches on and off by motion detector. You’ll never have to worry that the ventilation is running while the unit is not in use.



Enter the MICROOFFICE airspace