Many successful companies find themselves outgrowing their meeting rooms before they’ve even had a chance to settle in. MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO is an original modular workspace that allows offices to scale up and keep pace with rapidly-expanding teams. “It is a revolutionary solution that empowers our clients to save money which they might otherwise spend on new and larger conference rooms. Our concept is based on modularity. By simply adding new panels, you can build space for two to eight people without needing to alter the surrounding space,” says SilentLab co-founder Jaroslav Vendl.

MICROOFFICE® is an answer to the basic question of acoustic comfort in open-plan offices. “MICROOFFICE® delivers outstanding acoustic performance inside and out thanks to layers of solid wood and other carefully selected acoustic materials,“ explain architects Vojtech Kaas and Jan Kalivoda, the masterminds behind the eye-grabbing designs. Sound-insulating glass and a sonically sealed door with magnetic lock result in maximum soundproofing between the interior and exterior spaces. MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO models II, III and IV also feature a ceiling partially made from sound-insulating glass, which increases the natural light inside the unit for a more comfortable experience.

Optimal working environments require sufficient fresh air. MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO features a cutting-edge ventilation system, running silently both inside and outside the unit, which supplies a constant stream of fresh air for hours of distraction-free work. “Investing in a high-quality work environment is quickly becoming an important competitive advantage, as an airy, quiet office can increase productivity by up to 10%,” says cofounder Jan Kanka.

MICROOFFICE® is ready to host any modern meeting thanks to intelligent AV technology solutions that provide users with an unparalleled, all-in-one collaborative setting for seamless and productive discourse in your workspace.